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Disney Cruises

There is one name that stands head & shoulders above everyone else when it comes to family-friendly vacations: Disney. Just ask any 5 year-old where they want to go for vacation, and you’ll be greeted with shrieks of “DISNEY WORLD!” Well, the same magic that is so well known on land has transferred to the water: Supreme family fun can now be found afloat. While single cruisers (or couples) can certainly have a wonderful time aboard any of Disney’s magnificent cruise ships, there’s no denying that Disney is a family environment, and the vessels you will vacation aboard reflect that. For example, your stateroom(s) will be larger than many berths on ships of comparable size, in order to give your entire family a comfortable & enjoyable stay. You will be given the choice to keep to yourselves, but part of the fun of a Disney cruise lies in exercising the option of being placed near families of similar size & age-range - you know what they say: the more the merrier!

After your children run off to explore & enjoy themselves, the adults in the crowd can head over to the spa, get some shopping done, or just lounge around by the adult-only pools. If you’re hungry, there’s a restaurant to suit every taste, from vegan to unrepentant carnivore - and that’s just one region’s cuisine! Whatever you want to do, you can rest assured that your Daily Coordinator will have a space & a time slot for you to do it in - even if “it” consists of sipping a mojito and reading the paper (however, if you’re looking for a suggestion, Disney’s Broadway-style shows are NOT to be missed!).

One important thing to remember is that Disney cruises offer at least 12 separate and distinct room types, and each room booked must have at least one adult occupant. If proximity to your children is a concern, simply speak to a Disney Cruiselines representative when you make your booking(s), and they’ll make sure you and your family are as close together as you could ever wish to be.

While the ship itself is a great place to be, staying on board the entire time would severely detract from the joy of a Disney cruise. Disney cruises are based around excursions to great ports of call - don’t be a wallflower, get out and explore! If you’re lucky, you might even wind up on Disney’s privately-owned island. There are so many fun and exciting things to do where Disney cruises are concerned that it would be utterly impossible to list them all. Suffice it to say that when you let Disney handle your vacation, you won’t soon forget it, and chances are, you’ll be back next year! With that in mind, Disney cruises fill up fast, so book your tickets now!