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Island Cruises

Island cruises are the friendliest and relaxing trips according to their claim. If you are keen to take your family along but don’t want to keep your kids on luxurious and adult entertainment on board cruises then you should go for Island cruises. Island cruises are perfect for family get-away as they are the only ones that boast of excellent activities for kids and entertainment for the whole family.

You will be able to experience it in a very different way –fun, informal, and relaxing. You can just be ‘yourself’ and amuse yourself to the fullest right from your first step on board. You will be able to get out of your routine schedule and don’t have to worry about dress codes and other travel calls.


Island cruises are known for offering a very diverse range of coastal lines. Island cruises travel through the Mediterranean from Venice to Valencia, Milan to Malta, Palma to Palermo and many other destinations. Around 20 UK airports are there to choose your return flights to these island cruises.


The facilities will be provided en-suite- TV, Radio and telephone will be within your reach all the time. You will have wardrobe, drawer space, and dressing table. All these things are necessary as you need to tuck in your kids clothes in more space. Room service will be given by the cabin steward whenever you want.

Meal options: Island cruises will not only let you go all out on board with its various activities, it will also fill your appetite. So, it will be an ‘all you can eat’ meal time, full of English and continental dishes. Breakfast is there as well as children’s menus for meals. Buffet dining is open 24-hours so you really know what’s meant by leaving your work schedule behind. There is no formal dress code even.

Off-shore Activities

Island cruises let you disembark on the island to enjoy the beaches just go downtown any of the coastal areas. If you want, you can snorkel or dive to discover the natural underwater beauty of coral gardens, play with the dolphins. The tropical rainforests, volcanoes, green lands on the islands are a must see. You need to have guided tour of each island so you can enjoy shopping, dining, and sightseeing to the fullest.


Since you will have your whole family along, you need to plan wisely. Go for an affordable type plan which has relevant facilities because kids usually enjoy outdoors on deck, so you can let go of the spas and fine dining. Your local travel agent will be able to let you choose a plan for island cruises according to the number and age group of your kids. Additionally, online reviews and family visitors can really help you in judging which island cruises do as they say (or describe through pictures).

It’s true that when island cruises say ‘relax’ it means relax to the tune of music, balmy wind, warm sun, dancing beats, watch your kids enjoying with you and feel like a caring parent rather than being guilty of leaving your kids at home for another honeymoon.