Breathtaking Cruises

Luxury Cruises

So you say you have been on a modest cruise to one of the beautiful places on the globe. You tell yourself, you’ve had the best of memories to remember. You have pictures to brag about and to upload in your favorite social networking site. You say you’ve had it all. But, indeed, have you?

If you haven’t tried luxury cruises, then there’s something to look forward to define your idea of ‘cruise of a lifetime’. What is luxury cruising? How is it different from other variations in cruising?

The big difference

Here’s the deal. If we are to compare mainstream ship cruises to luxury cruises, we’ll liken mainstream cruising to Vegas-like carnival fun. Luxury cruises feels like king and queen’s private castle on a ship. Check out how these two cruises vary and start loving to anticipate another extraordinary voyage.

  • Ship size: luxury ships are much smaller than their mainstream counterparts. Try thinking 100 to 800 persons sharing a more intimate space for enjoyment. You’ll likely meet most of the other cruisers and at least identify them by face (well, don’t be surprised to see a familiar face from a celebrity or forbes magazine).
  • Ambience: In luxury cruises, the ambience is that of exclusivity, pure elegance and royalty-like calmness amidst air of sheer pleasure. It is unlikely that you hear boisterous and loud music, like that of a teen concert. Jazz and lively exotic dance music is more like it. You hear people talking about stocks and dividends, or diamond cuts among the ladies.
  • Dining experience: Best china wares with silver or gold utensils, arranged formal dining. If 5 pairs of spoon and forks are too much for you, you’re in for a challenging meal time. Their set of menus will definitely include dishes whose ingredients can be the most expensive and that which can only be found in the remotest parts of the earth. How about casual dining? Oh yes, they have it too. But casual doesn’t necessary mean without elegance. You may also opt for room service fit for majesty.
  • Dress code: You have to have a signature suit or cocktail dress if you are to take luxury cruises. On most occasions while aboard the ship, formal attire is required. Some ships will not even permit jackets. But guess what? Who wouldn’t want to try a waltz while wearing a Vera Wang gown?
  • Staterooms: From furnishings to furniture, you will feel the difference of luxury cruises. Expensive wood paneling, marble tubs, spacious walk-in closets and toiletries that come in chic packages. Everything looks and smells new. Accommodations are usually limited to three persons. If you are thinking of taking your family of four, you have to book another room.
  • The biggest difference: cruise fare! If mainstream cruising would cost you about $100-200/person per day, allocate $300 for an inside cabin to well around a thousand for a penthouse on luxury cruises. Gratuities and money spent on shops also go with the A-1 service.

The bottom line is, however ridiculously expensive luxury cruises are for some people, you’ll never know why the few who can afford will never take anything less, unless you go on one yourself.