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Repositioning Cruises

What Repositioning Cruises mean

Just like vehicles will not want to travel on bad roads and airplanes will not take their leave if the weather is bad, so also do cruise ships have their fear for traveling to somewhere that is not warm and sunny. Repositioning cruises occurs when ships cannot go back through their original path because of the bad weather there. It is a change in plan for travelers to make their destination. For example, a ship that left the United States or Caribbean Port in the spring season, around April, may not get back there until December, so when a ship cruises out of a location in a particular season and gets to its destination at the time when an unfavorable season for its return begins, then repositioning cruises will be the next best option to go back to where the ship comes from.

Normally, it is the winter that is feared, so when it is winter on one side, the ship is repositioned to go to the opposite direction where it is summer. This means that repositioning cruises implies transatlantic or transpacific travel since there is movement from one hemisphere to the other hemisphere.

Where to find Repositioning Cruises

Repositioning cruises differ by seasons. No two directly opposite areas (North –South) will offer repositioning cruises at the same time. The first place to look for this cruise is in Alaska. Immediately after summer, any cruise ship remaining in Alaska will find their way back (in the spring or fall) to Hawaii, the coasts on the western part of America or through the Panama Canal. Another place where repositioning cruises may be featured in the fall is in Northern Europe or Mediterranean where the cruise ships are planned to go to the United States or Caribbean by crossing the Atlantic. The direction is reversed again in the spring. Another one is a sail from the USA to South America across the Caribbean or the Pacific Ocean or the Indian Ocean.

The Importance of Repositioning Cruises

Repositioning cruises offer longer days at the sea. This is good for people that want to enjoy sea travel at reduced costs. The travel is cheap because when the ships sail to the other hemisphere, the operators will like to gain by selling tickets at incredibly low prices. The managers do not even need to think much about reducing ticket fares since they also have to consider the fact that as long as the journey continues, the travelers will have to pay for the facilities and meal they make use of. Cruise lines offer less than $100 for a two-week reposition cruise. This is really a big way to get the cheapest cruises to one’s destination this kind of ship travel also guarantees more time for travelers that enjoy recreation and activities on the sea such as sun-bathing


People who love long cruises on sea now have the opportunity to do so even at very cheap rates by taking advantage of reposition cruises. Reposition cruises is advantageous to the travelers and cruise managers since both parties maximize their opportunities to earn more money.