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British Isles Cruises


Seeing the British Isles whilst on a cruise ship gives a totally different perspective to the country than whilst visiting on land. The British Isles coast line is stunning, in particular Scotland with its magnificent castles and lakes. Also worth visiting are the naval ports of Plymouth and Falmouth, and whilst travelling around the South of the country many cruise ships will take passengers around the channel islands which feels more like the South of France with the weather the islands enjoy. No cruise is complete without going around Ireland, and stopping ashore for a pint of Guinness… or two.

Virgin Holidays

Virgin holidays offer cruises around the British Isles starting at £899 per person. They are very flexible with their itineraries as passengers are able to choose which port they would like to begin their cruise from and also which cruise liner they prefer. Due to the compactness of the British Isles, the Virgin holidays cruise liner stops ashore at least every two days, enabling passengers to see the many interesting areas of Great Britain.

Virgin holidays cruises range from £899 to £3500 Per person. The cruise deal for £899 is for seven nights aboard the Azura cruise ship, full board. The cruise departs from Southampton (so any flights needed will cost extra), and has stops in London, Cork and Dublin. The cruise deal for £3500 is for 22 nights aboard the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship, full board and staying in an inside cabin. Prices increase to £17,000 for a suite. The ship departs from New York and has stops in Southampton, Cork, Liverpool, Greenock and South Queensferry before returning to New York.

P & O Cruises

P & O cruises are a long established firm specialising in cruise holidays at affordable prices. They offer summer cruises around the British isles for £1679 per person. The price includes 12 night aboard the 5 star cruise ship the Adonia, full board. The cruise with P & O has a larger number of stops than with Virgin holidays. The Adonia departs from Southampton (so any flights needed will cost extra), and has stops in Dublin, The Isle of Man, Belfast, Greenock, Stornoway, The Orkney Islands, Foynes, Waterford and Jersey before returning to Southampton.

For a slightly cheaper price, P & O cruises also offer an around the British Islands cruise on the 4 star ship the Arcadia. For £1662, passengers will spend 13 nights, full board on the ship. From departing at Southampton passengers will visit Newcastle, South Queensferry, Inverness, Lerwick, Greenock, Belfast, Liverpool, Dublin, Cork and Guernsey before returning to Southampton.


Crystal cruises are another popular company who currently offer cruises around the British Isles. Cruises are onboard the cruise liner ‘Crystal Serenity’; a six star rated ship. For £3946 per person, passengers will get an eleven night summer cruise. The ship departs at Dover before visiting the Shetland Islands, Edinburgh, Belfast, Liverpool, Dublin, Waterford and Guernsey before returning to Dover.


There are numerous companies that offer cruises around the British Isles, but it all depends on the passenger as to what kind of cruise they want to have and also the stops the cruise liner takes along the way. Prices vary considerably depending on rooms and comfort, but what is consistent is the beauty of the British Isles when viewed from the sea.