Breathtaking Cruises

3-Day Cruises

What does one get from 3-day cruises? Surely you may think that that is so short a span of time for enjoyment. Well, not necessarily. Everyone will agree that a 3-day break from a 40-60hr workweek for one straight year sounds really promising.

Where might you go?

You might be wondering where you may go for a weekend getaway. Certainly there are lots of choices to choose from… Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mediterranean, Alaska… you name it! The main question is where you will be coming from. Check out 3-day cruise deals on the internet and you will not find yourself lacking on information. From UK, for example, ships sail to Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. From the west coast of the US there will be exciting cruises to Mexico.

The fun parts of taking 3-day cruises

3-day cruise packages offer perks to cruise-lovers on a variety of ways. Firstly, they are inexpensive. A trip to Bahamas by Norwegian Cruise Lines, for example, may cost only $200 for singles with Miami as departure and arrival port. You get to enjoy a cabin, which you may share with a roommate if you tour alone, meals that may even come in buffets, fantastic deck views, a swim in the beach, and an opportunity to shop for souvenirs. Imagine, for the same price as an iPod, you get to see and enjoy beautiful Bahamas! Not bad for an unforgettable adventure!

The next best thing about your getaway is the schedule for which most packages are made available. They are usually offered on weekends, that’s why, sometimes they are referred to as weekend cruises. The dates make it possible for you to grab your gear after Friday’s work, get to the departure area before nightfall and expect to return early Monday morning and still make it to work (if you’re really that workaholic!). If you managed to secure a vacation leave, then there will be offers on weekdays, too.

Because these 3-day cruises are very affordable and available on weekends, the groups that frequent these trips are mostly young professionals who are at entry-level salaries, holding 9-5 jobs. And because they are young, their idea of adventure can be ‘wild’! So expect parties, booze and food all in one deck!

While these expeditions are popular among the young pro’s, there’d be plenty of offers for oldies but young-at-heart, and also for family bonding. For family cruises over the weekend, expect a lot of kid-friendly activities and fun programs that children will surely enjoy. These activities may or may not involve parents, so there would be enough time for grown-up bustle!

These are few things that you may not expect from 3-day cruises. First time cruisers taking this package are usually expecting Titanic-like ships. Well, for these ‘quick fix’ getaways, they use older vessels and there may not be many amenities included. Sounds like a big deal to you? Think about this: 72 hours on cruise, you will not think of gyms, pools, and Broadway shows. You may not even want to sleep to maximize your experience to the fullest!