Breathtaking Cruises

Free Cruises

Going on a cruise can be a great time for many people. Getting to go on a cruise they didn’t pay for would be even better. Free cruises are given to many people every year. Getting a free cruise can be a challenge but it is not impossible. Methods to getting a free cruise include contests, tours, and drawings. All of these ways of getting a cruise vacation doesn’t require any kind of monetary contribution. All it takes is some patience, hard work and a little luck. For those who win a free cruise, it can be a very exciting experience.

Win Free Cruises in a Drawing

Every day companies sponsor free drawings where people can enter to win a cruise. This is an easy way to have a chance to win a cruise. It usually only requires a person complete a short entry form and doesn’t require any purchase. Unfortunately, this is not the most likely way of winning a free cruise. There are usually thousands of people who enter for the cruise. Further, only one entry is allowed per person, so filling out more than one form is not allowed. Therefore, everyone has the same chance of winning. This can be a one in a thousand (or ten thousand) chance. The odds of winning depend on the number of entrants. Thus, for every drawing for free cruises, the chances of winning can be dramatically different.

Free Cruises through a Competition

Another way of winning a free cruise is through winning a competition. This way is not as much as a long shot as the drawing. For the contest, a company will sponsor free cruises for people to compete to win. The competitions can be for doing anything from drawing to writing to having the best Santa outfit. It really depends on the company and what they are trying to promote by sponsoring the competition. For those who have a talent, this can be a good way to win free cruises. But even these are not the best way to win a cruise. A lot of times, it can be a long shot since thousands of people can enter these competitions. And catching the eye of the judges in the competitions can be difficult.

Free Cruises by taking a Tour

One of the easiest ways to get a free cruise is by taking tours that offer compensation for your time. These are usually time share offers where if you take a day long tour, they will offer you a 2 or 3-day cruise. These include salesman who want to sell you a time share or condo. They can be pushy and may only offer the free cruise if he or she thinks the person or couple has the money to actually buy what they are selling. Being there for the free cruise is fine as long as you have money to potentially buy the place they are trying to sell. If not, they are not interested in you being there.