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Sri Lanka Cruises

Introduction to Sri Lanka Cruises

Sri Lanka, also known as ‘the Island of Serendipity’, is a small island located in the Indian Ocean, encompassing beautiful ivory beaches, lush vegetation, monuments raised in ancient times and many more attractions fit to please the taste of all travelers heading towards this tiny stretch of nature.

The Sri Lankan Beauty Revealed

Sri Lanka Cruises are the perfect opportunity for enjoying the diversity of the exciting attractions that Sri Lanka has to offer. The beauty of this island drove people into finding all kinds of epithets and metaphors that could describe the uniqueness of Sri Lanka: Teardrop of India, Serendipity or Pearl of the Indian Ocean to name a few. However, only by exploring the island yourself could help you determine just how close to the truth these descriptive attempts were. Arriving by ship to visit this place is what makes Sri Lanka Cruises popular amongst travelling enthusiasts around the world. Reaching the island through alternative means is rather unrealistic if you plan to fully engage in a spiritual discovery of a place abounding in cultural and adventurous expedition opportunities.

Sunset Sri Lanka Cruises

Sunset Sri Lanka Cruises are some of the best ways of starting your evening as you get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the sun setting over the beautiful Sri Lankan Harbor. Travelling around the Sri Lankan waters on a water jet driven fast passenger ferry such as the Jetliner will bring you close to admire the illuminated cityscape, glowing as the evening prolongs into a tropical night over a mesmerizing and vibrant island.

Relying on the incredible services provided by Sri Lanka Cruises will help you enjoy even better the unique charm of a tour to Sri Lanka. Tours will lead you to various attractions which are guaranteed to satisfy your needs for culture, stunning scenery or historical heritage. The latter will introduce you to the rich past of Sri Lanka, uncovering some of the lost colonial charm which is still preserved on this island.

Sri Lanka Attractions

Sri Lanka Cruises include urban destinations as well, such as the amazing capital known as Colombo, dotted with places of huge tourist interest. Such places include the Fort Clock Tower, the Dutch Period Museum, Mount Lavinia Beach and the Gangaramaya Temple.

The beaches of Sri Lanka make ideal tourist destinations with their palm-fringed stretches of white sand glowing under the hot light of the sun. Spend memorable moments in a dreamy holiday ambiance on some of Sri Lanka’s best pristine beaches such as Negombo, Kalutara, Bentota, Galle or Arugam Bay.

Another Sri Lankan must-see refers to the amazing waterfalls scattered within the green woods of the country. Falling from incredible heights, the Sri Lankan waterfalls form a spectacular background which travelers can encounter. Waterfalls include Saint Claire Falls, Kirindi Oya Falls, Elgin Falls, Devon Falls and Rawana Falls.

If you plan on cruising to Sri Lanka, don’t forget to get a taste of the many fairs and festivals which are being held on the island in various months of the year. The July/August event is one of the most spectacular, honoring the Sacred Tooth Relic of Kandy. Therefore, on your arrival on the Sri Lankan territory, make sure you take a look at such festivals to really get a feel of how the natives live and cherish their traditions and values.