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Vietnam Cruises

Introduction to Vietnam

It would be a mistake to consider Vietnam as purely a reminiscence of the country ravaged by war decades ago. In terms of tourism, it is an idyllic and idealistic place roamed by all kinds of tourists, including veteran cruisers. After all, Vietnam is one of the most mysterious and dreamy destinations whose charm is highlighted by the strange feeling of stepping into another world, a world different than what we know.

Vietnam Cruises offer insight to what can be called a magical landscape, where major attractions await in some of the most popular ports of Vietnam including Lotus in Saigon, Chan May in Hue, Tien Sa in Danang or Cai Lan in Halong. These are just a few of the renowned destinations of the Vietnam cruises, as many other spectacular places wait to be discovered on the unique itinerary provided on a cruise to Vietnam.

Popular Vietnam Cruises

Perhaps one of the most popular places that draws cruisers from around the world is Halong Bay, a stunning oasis of tranquility, mystery and charm. If you’re wondering whether travelers have ever found any faults associated with this place, you’ll probably get no negative feedback as people embarking on Vietnam Cruises never cease to hope for returning some day to enjoy yet again the wonderful moments that once captured their hearts.

Many do return to Halong bay, which is in fact one of those spots that travelers never get tired of. Cruise operators are well aware of this and make the most out of it by placing Halong Bay onto the list of destinations covered by almost all Vietnam cruises. The beauty of this place is unlike any other; however, a journey to Vietnam should extend to other regions of the country which are fit to portray a complete picture of this stunning Asian country.

Besides approaching Vietnam from the sea on one of the many Vietnam cruises tourists can opt for, there is also the option of cruising inland on the Mekong River, while exploring the beauty and serenity of the river’s banks, sheltering the rich Vietnamese fauna unseen behind the bushes. Cruisers can get to see for themselves the picturesque offerings of the true and restless land of Vietnam where every noise that startles travelers is meant to wake them up from the dreamy state of being in a country apparently ripped apart from the world.

Experiencing Vietnamese Life

The further you move away from the cruise boat the more you will be enticed into a vibrant environment with crowds of Vietnamese people agitating throughout the small villages or throughout the floating markets sheltered on the Mekong River. The life and spirit animating the river banks will put a mark on your own life perspective as you follow the imaginary footsteps of these interesting people that call Vietnam their home. This is the power of Vietnam, the power of pulling you away from your roots, temporarily enchanting you with the mystic landscape, culture and history: the ever committed elements that help you discover Vietnam as being far more different than you could have ever imagined.