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Canary Island Cruises

Introduction to Canary Island Cruises

The Canary Islands are located 70 miles off the coast of Africa and approximately 600 miles south of mainland Spain. Rich in heritage and history they are comprised of several smaller islands which make up the Canary Islands as a whole. These smaller islands include: La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, Tenerite, Fueteventura, Lanazorte and Grand Canary Island. The term “Canary Island” is derived from the Spanish term “Canaria” which was taken from the natives “canarii” who first inhabited the island. Today, the Canary Islands are one of the most sought after vacation spots of all travelers.

Points of Interest

The main point of interest on a Canary Island cruise is Lanzarote, a smaller island of the Canary Island chain, home of Timanfaya National Park. With beautiful and exotic birds flying free and living in abundance, this park offers more than traditional park guided tours but a chance to experience nature at its finest. With the park flooded with beautiful, tropical, colorful plants in an array of colors that are both breathtaking and inspiring, it is very difficult to take in all the beauty that is the Timanfaya National Park in one day. Lanzarote offers many additional options all designed for the traveling vacationers, from sightseeing tours to bicycle rentals for the more adventurous.

Another popular cruise stopping point is the island of Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is the largest of the Canary Islands and is a tropical paradise that is often spoken of but never experienced. Gran Canaria offers adventures for every traveler seeking excitement from paragliding, to parasailing to a more relaxed atmosphere including horseback riding through some of the most majestic mountains imaginable with panoramic views. Gran Canaria also has an exquisite choice of cuisines that will suit the taste of every individual. From a romantic moon-lit walk on pristine white sandy beaches, to a more active nightlife including many bars and nightclubs; Gran Canaria is a definite port a call on most cruise line itineraries.


The climate in the Canary Islands is warm and often humid. With temperatures reaching into the mid 80’s and 90’s, the humidity once factored in, will increase the overall temperature significantly. Seasoned vacationers will typically visit the Canary Islands starting in mid-November through to late January, where temperatures in the United States are at the lowest. During this same time period, the temperatures in the Canary Islands will closely resemble a mild spring day in the United States. Light clothing that is cool and comfortable is recommended while on a Canary Island cruise.


A Canary Island cruise is one of the most expensive cruises available. This is due to the increased popularity of the tropical resort and the beautiful, serene atmosphere that comprises the Canary Islands. Cruises are available from a 10-12 night stay with an average cost per person of $4,000.00 with air fare included. Due to the increased competition of cruise ships, there are many reduced fares in effect than can lead to substantial savings on a Canary Island cruise. Consult an experienced travel agency for reduced fares and additional details.