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Cape Verde Cruises

An Introduction to Cape Verdi Cruises

One of the most beautiful things about cruising around Cape Verdi is the fact that the land seems to be untouched. The coastlines are pristine and beautiful. They are clean and un-spoilt. It is almost as though you are sailing to another land where humans barely exist. The Cape Verdi islands were largely occupied by the Portuguese until the 1970’s but in some ways this has added a sense of character to the islands that is unparalleled in any of the other colonies. You will be able to experience this diversity in everything that you see as you travel around this land.

Adventure Life

Adventure life offers an 8 day cruise around the islands. This will depart from Ascension Island and the journey will end in Sao Tiago. The rates are based on the six of the cabin as well as how many guests are staying in that specific cabin. This will cost you anywhere from $1,050 to 1,550. The cheapest rates are applied to four people per cabin whilst the most expensive is for the Superior Suite. There is also the option of twin share. Each suite is private and will be comfortable enough for the journey regardless of the cost. You will be able to enjoy activities like bird watching which is particularly amazing in this area as the long tailed skuas migrate during the spring. As you may know the Islands have had volcanic activity in the last ten years and you will be able to witness this through adventure life. There is also an opportunity to wine-taste and explore the Fogo area.

You will also be able to visit the longest-standing church in the tropics and see monuments of historical significance like the fortress in Cidade Velha. This is another reminder of the islands colonial history and battles fought in the past between the Portuguese and the English. The itinerary on this cruise is realistic, entertaining, diverse and enjoyable with enough to keep you busy but also enough time for you to rest and take in the scenery in your own time.

Holland America

Holland America are one of the most well known cruise liners across the world and their reputation is only exceeded by the number of destinations they visit. You are always assured luxury and beauty when cruising with them. They have a particularly epic 62 day cruise around Africa and the Mediterranean which includes stops in and around Cape Verde. This trip will range from $9,600 for an interior cabin to $51,000 for a deluxe verandah suite. This is the most exclusive cruise you will find to this area but it covers such a broad range.


Cape Verdi is a wonderful place to visit for a new perspective. It is growing in popularity as a destination and can be a very affordable trip with great reward. There are so many cultural aspects to take into account as well as a great sense of history with regard to the islands inhabitants. From the ship you will be able to see the most spectacular sunsets and enjoy the ‘untouched’ nature of the area. There are many options to choose from and all are reasonably competitive.