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Historians and Archeologists have credited Egypt as the place where civilization first started. By their estimation, civilization in Egypt began around 3,000 BC. This suggests that Egypt cruises are also one of the oldest options people had for adventure or holiday. Egypt is located in North Africa near the Mediterranean Sea, Libya and Sudan. It has a total land area of about 995,500 square kilometer and water area of 6,000 square meters. Its total population of about 79 million people comprises both natives and those who decided to settle there after visiting with some cheap Egypt cruises. Egypt’s economic status is well pronounced. They have equal levels of production in their sectors: tourism, agriculture, industry and services. The legislation also encourages people to seek more Egypt cruises that will enable them invest in the land. Their polity is also very stable.


Any fee spent to acquire Egypt cruises are sure to be re-gained by the unique experiences to be gotten when experiencing the numerous attractions in the country. Some of the attractions there include the oases of Egypt, the Wadi Natrum, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Sphinx of Egypt and the Egyptian Tomb.

The oases regions in Egypt are the points of relaxation in the desert regions. People living in the oases regions find agriculture gainful to practice as a way to provide their needs. Some of the oases include the following: the Fayom oasis, the Siwa oasis, the Bahariya oasis, the Dakhla Oasis, The Farafra oasis and the Kharga Oasis.

The Wadi Natrum can be found near the Delta in the eastern desert of Egypt. There are a lot of things that make this place an attraction. One of the reasons is that it is a flat land with 10 lakes surrounding it. No wonder the name- Wadi, which means valley. Another reason why Egypt cruises are directed to this place is that there are huge quantities of Sodium carbonates and salts. In the past, these salts were used to mummify dead bodies. Bird watching is also delight in this area.

The Great Sphinx is an image with two different halves comprising the features of a lion and a human. This spectacular art work is located on the plateau of Giza at the west side of the river Nile. People near the capital of Cairo can easily find there.

Some of the Egyptian Pyramids are situated in Giza, Abu Sir, Mazghuna, Saqqara and Dahshur. The pyramids are really a major cause of Egypt cruises from many parts of the world.


Since going Egypt offers one a unique time out of one’s home country, efforts should be made to get the best Egypt cruises. The first thing to do is deciding where the first point of attraction will be. After that, making hotel reservations should be the next step. Contacting travel agents will help reduce the costs especially when the traveler is going for the first time to Egypt. Travel agents will also help to get the detailed summary of every expense that will be made on the trip so that adequate plans/budget can be made.