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Madagascar Cruises

Introduction to Madagascar Cruises

Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world and one of the most interesting places to visit, not just in terms of culture but also in terms of landscape, flora and fauna. Most of the plants and animals in Madagascar are unique species that cannot be found anywhere else and it's worth exploring them at least once in your lifetime. Cruises focusing on the Indian Ocean have been including Madagascar as part of their itinerary in an attempt to show their clients a truly original environment and atmosphere.

Itineraries Including Madagascar

Most cruises passing through Madagascar also make stops through Mauritius and the Seychelles – two other stunningly beautiful locations in the area. The African coastline is also frequently included in the trips. A large number of cruise-ships stopping in Madagascar also visit Nosy Be and Nosy Komba, two small islands on the north western side, where the ylang-ylang perfume is produced and coral reefs make up for wonderful scenery. In Madagascar, the most likely stop will be Toamasina, or Tamatave, the former pirate location now turned into blossoming community.

Sights and Activities in Madagascar

Madagascar encompasses towns developing in a charming rustic atmosphere – ideal for a laid back time away from the busy cities. The buildings are usually designed in a colonial style, while the local markets, boutiques and tourist shops manage to inspire a truly relaxed setting. Local cuisine includes French restaurants, but you'll also find Arab, Chinese and Indian restaurants, if you're looking for something more exotic.

If you have a little time to walk around the area, the town of Antsirabe and the volcanic lakes of Andraikiba and Tritriva are definitely worth seeing. The thermal baths in the area are also notorious. Diving, swimming and snorkeling are activities that abound in Madagascar and it's most likely that the cruising company will either provide them or offer you the contact information of someone who does.

Cruise Lines Stopping in Madagascar

  • Costa Cruises – Organizes monthly 14 day cruises passing through Madagascar, with prices varying from $1,629 (for inside cabins) to $3,279 (for suites).
  • African Safari Club – Organizes 16-day cruises starting in Kenya (flights organized from the UK), making a round trip on the African coastline, including Tanzania and Comoros.
  • Rainbow Tours – Organizes yachting trips around Madagascar and Nosy Be, with prices ranging from $975 to $1850 per person for a four day trip in the area.
  • Cruise in Luxury – Organizes trips to Madagascar and Nosy Be/ Nosy Komba, usually starting in London.
  • Silversea – Organizes trips as long as 17 days, reaching other destinations including Dubai and Seychelles, for $7,748. For a 7 day trip, the fare reduces to $3,098.
  • Steppes Travel – Organizes 15-day trips through Nosy Be, Grande Misto, Cap Saint Sebastian, Nosy Hara, Nosy Vaha, Nosy Fasy, Iles Mistio, Nosy Komba, Iles Radames, Baie de Mourambe, Nosy Lava, Nosy Saba and Baramahamay. The cruise focuses on the extraordinary wildlife in the area, stopping mostly in remote locations. The trips can be from 8 up to 15 days long and prices vary depending on the time of travel.