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Introduction to Mauritius Cruises

Located in the Indian Ocean, off the south-east coast of Africa, Mauritius has a long reputation of island adventure for travelers from all over the world. Endless miles of beautiful pristine beaches with brilliant white sand surround and adorn this tropical paradise. As part of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is an island of serenity, peace and tropical breezes. With the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean lapping at the shores of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Mauritius offers vacationers a wonderland, a paradise that has been hidden for centuries, now rediscovered.


Detailed pre-planning of any trip abroad is always advised. There are numerous websites available that provide detailed information about Mauritius that are both informative and useful. Planning a cruise to Mauritius is beyond the jurisdiction of the United States and therefore requires a valid passport. Applications for passports can take several weeks, in some cases longer so it is advisable that the appropriate application be submitted well in advance of the date chosen to travel.

A pre-determined amount of funds must also be considered to cover all expenses on a cruise to Mauritius. The dollar amount allotted should be inclusive, including all living accommodations, food and entertainment as well as miscellaneous expenses for gifts or souvenirs of the island adventure.


There are a wide variety of attractions available in Mauritius to please all who visit. From manicured golf courses to mountain hiking, swimming and kayaking there are activities that will transfer into memories that will last a lifetime. A popular attraction is The Grand Bay- with numerous shops, bars, discotheques and restaurants it is a popular choice for all vacationers. For the more adventurous, water skiing in the warm, clear pristine waters of the Indian Ocean or scuba diving to depths with unlimited clear views may be of interest. Hiking into mountains that seem to reach far into the un-daunting blue skies, breathtaking, panoramic views of what Mark Twain once referred to as heaven are apparent.

Above all and perhaps the most relaxing- wooden, slat reclining chairs located on the many beaches on Mauritius, have become one of the major attractions. Listening to the waves of the ocean breaking onto the white sandy shores with a warm but gentle fragrant breeze, blowing gently, quietly, offers peace and relaxation that is needed and justly deserved.

Associated Costs

Costs for cruises to Mauritius vary significantly depending on the accommodations selected on ship and on land (optional). Hotels in Mauritius often range from $750-$900 per person, for a 4 night, 5 day stay, travel not included. With competition of cruise ships at the highest in years, numerous travel packages are available that are both attractive and affordable. Planning a cruise to Mauritius can be time consuming and frustrating. Travel agencies have the experience and the knowledge to arrange a well planned, detailed vacation to Mauritius that will be relaxing, enjoyable and memorable. With many vacation packages available to Mauritius, a qualified travel planner will design a vacation that will last a lifetime.