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Boston Cruises

If you are thinking of fun, games and cruises for a vacation, look no farther than Boston Harbor. Boston Harbor has many islands that will give you an ecological adventure coupled with your idea of fun. Massachusetts Bay, and the smaller ones, Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay and Hingham Bay are places to indulge your sea adventures.

Must-try experiences to anticipate while on the harbor

Before or after taking weeklong Boston Cruises on megaships, there are numerous ways to enjoy the splendor of Boston. Below are the must-try activities that will complement your big voyage:

  • New Year’s Eve fireworks extravaganza: seen aboard smaller cruise ships servicing the harbors like Boston Harbor Cruises and Spirit of Boston Cruises. Let champagne glasses collide in cheers simultaneously with the loud bangs of the holidays and mesmerizing display of fireworks
  • Whale watching: You’ll get to see these enormous creatures seemingly just playing around. Do not be surprised to see a humpback spring from the waters!
  • Hop-on hop-off trolley rides. If you are taking Boston Cruises, spend some time exploring the city. One day tickets to these trolley rides will give you a nice tour of the city at your convenient time. One of these trolleys will arrive and depart every 20 minutes or so. For a purchased ticket, you may even get a free entrance to the Old State House Museum
  • Boston Ghost and Gravestone tour: Escape from the niceties and try this enjoyable tour filled with fear, a tour which will let you see sinister characters like witches, warlocks and angels of death.

Cruise ships departing from Boston

There are several cruise lines that departing from Boston that will take you to some of the world’s most exotic destinations. Here are some of good deals from Boston Cruises.

  • Holland America: this line has garnered the honor "Best Overall Cruise Value" because of their excellent luxurious service that will make it all worth it. They offer 7-or 14-day cruises to Canada/New England. Prices come at about $1700 for weeklong tour. They also offer Voyage of the Vikings for 17 or 35 days that will surely take you to ‘pirate’ destinations while touring in luxury
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises: Top of the line amenities with equally satisfying amenities and lists of fun activities while on board. A 7-day tour to Canada will cost you around $800. They also have 14-night special tour to the Caribbean that will give you two-weeks of guaranteed fun for only $1300 or so! Cruise like a royalty while having fun!
  • Norwegian Cruises: Norwegian Cruises Dawn will take you to Bermuda for a 7-night tour. Experience fun aboard with their world renowned Broadway shows, spacious staterooms, high spirited casinos and kid-friendly amenities. Choose from over 15 dining experiences and learn how to cruise ‘freestyle’. Fares for these cruises start from $600.

Taking Boston Cruises is one adventure you want to take. Create memories with your loved ones and your friends and capture moments that only Boston Harbor will give!