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Charleston Cruises

If you are a resident of the East Coast of the US, or a tourist visiting this part of the globe, and are thinking of a grand vacation, you may want to consider taking a cruise to or from a top-ranking tourist destination: Charleston, South Carolina. Know the reasons why cruise-lovers prefer this departure, arrival and docking port.

About Charleston

If you want a feel of pirates and ships on sandy beaches, then Charleston is a place to see. Their panoramic beaches are preserved to exude their natural wonders just for tourists. There would be a lot of things to do, and more things to see! Charleston cruises will indulge your cravings for adventure, nature tripping, and cultural notions.

The port of Charleston is very much accessible from the airport. A 20-minute drive will ensure that you don’t miss your flight or you don’t get late for embarkation (if you are arriving). If shopping is your game, then you will not be disappointed. Shops and stalls fill the area surrounding the area, plus a market is within walking distance to fill your bags with souvenirs. A longer trip around town will get you to 33 destinations within a 5-hour drive. You’ll have your time filled with memories!

The must-see places if you are on Charleston Cruises are Kingdom by Sea, Walled city, plantations dating back from the 1800, and the Magnolia Gardens. You may also want to try their carriage rides that will take you around town!

Where to from Charleston?

Charleston cruises take you to exciting parts of the world. Think about the lush greenery, exotic beaches, warm relaxing weather and culture-rich goodness of the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Caribbean. On the way, you also get to stop at ports-of-call like Key West, Freeport and Nassau if you cruise to the Bahamas; Florida, Mexico, Belize, Puerto Rico, Tortola, if you are going to Caribbean and excitement just keeps adding up. Yes, indeed, you can take a 5-, 6-, or 7-day tour (or longer) to these destinations for a range of price that will suit your budget. Off-peak you can get to the Bahamas for 5 days for only $400. During peak season, like around holidays, fares can get as high as $700 per person. Caribbean destinations can cost slightly higher. Deals starts with $700 per person. The great thing about Charleston cruises is that trips are available all year round so you can grab your gear for a last-minute spur of the moment party!

Ships docking, embarking and disembarking on Charleston port include the Carnival cruises (Fantasy), celebrity cruises (Mercury), American cruise lines (American Glory, American Star, American Spirit, Cunard (Queen Elizabeth 1 and 2), and Royal Caribbean. The carnival fantasy offers an enormous health spa, kid-friendly amenities and programs, formal and casual dining, and cozy lounges. The Mercury also has cafés, bars, a casino, a pool and a theater, their famous Manhattan restaurant and Aquaspa. American cruise lines are smaller vessels that can take you to places that big ships cannot reach. You’ll enjoy the balconies of their staterooms if you choose American cruise lines. Charleston is one of Cunard cruises’ and Royal Caribbean cruises’ port-of-call. You’ll enjoy luxury Charleston cruises in these stately vessels!