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New York Cruises

While New York is many things, one of the few things it isn’t is a cruising destination. However, in true New York fashion, it makes up for this by being one of the most heavily-trafficked departure points in America. Several cruise lines call New York their home port, including Norwegian Cruise Lines, Cunard, and Carnival. Additionally, tourists can add NYC as a port of call on their itinerary, if they book a round-trip cruise. What better way to cap off a sun-drenched vacation in the Caribbean than by exploring Alphabet City, or taking in a Broadway show? Beyond the relatively new benefits to American cruisers and cruise lines (New York recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation of its port system), trans-Atlantic cruises have traditionally used New York City as a port of call - remember the Titanic? It was en-route to New York the night it sunk.

If you want another reason why New York cruises are a good idea, think of this: With every departure and arrival involving New York City, you will be a link in the centuries-old chain of people to be greeted by the Statue of Liberty. How cool is that? The only thing missing is an entrance into Ellis Island and a new name!

On a more somber note, Ground Zero, as well as the current construction there, is also available for viewing.

From an organizational standpoint, travelers from the northern regions of the U.S. will no doubt find New York to be a more centralized, more convenient embarkation / debarkation point. Furthermore, if you travel during Spring Break, you (probably) won’t have to fight the seething, teeming masses flocking to Miami or Daytona Beach, and the number of airports & airlines that service the area should make finding competitive fares and good scheduling opportunities a cinch.

As you can see, there is literally no reason to avoid using NYC as a departure or arrival point - what’s more, you’d be crazy not to! So to anyone reading this, do the right thing, and book your New York cruises today!