Breathtaking Cruises

Cruises to Hawaii

The Hawaii islands have been gifted by nature to attract people from all around with its waterfalls, volcanoes, rain forests, and garden. The man made beauties also follow behind with many opportunities to shop, dine, dance, and enjoy.

The cruises to Hawaii are an excellent way to stretch your legs out while traveling all the time. Unlike bus travel and airplane, you can have a time of your life enjoying your vacation while still traveling. Cruises to Hawaii have everything to offer you on board; fine dining, swimming facilities, own room, dancing, games etc. and of course a view that you cannot have through on any other type of tour.

Cruises to Hawaii make land travel a part of their off board activities so you can visit the islands peacefully. The Oahu island is prominent for shopping and the Diamond Crater Head Volcanoes, Maui has rainforests, eucalyptus groves and cattle ranches. Kauai is a paradise on earth with shimmering turquoise waters.

What to wear

Cruises to Hawaii can be enjoyable if you have the attire for the trip. Keep your clothes comfortable like sports or resort wear. Wear low-heeled shoes so you can thoroughly enjoy deck activities and would have no problem going off board for island hopping. Pack a few swim suits to have a dry one all the time and a hat, suntan and sun protection lotion for the beach. Perhaps you don’t need to be reminded of camera and binoculars to show off your visits through cruises to Hawaii.


Cruises to Hawaii can be through these ports

  • Port of Hilo: It’s deep-water port from where cruises to Hawaii will park. A guided tour is picked by passengers on cruises to Hawaii to visit Richardson Ocean Park with its black sand beach, Banyan drive, and Queen Liliuokalani Gardens. Later in the evening, Cruises to Hawaii move to Kilauea volcano. The spectacular view can be seen right from cruises to Hawaii. Cruise passengers are welcomed as cruises to Hawaii near the port offer Hawaiian music and exhibitions for traditional dancing. Cruises to Hawaii signal good business to the port area.
  • Kailua Pier: This is a shallow harbor so cruises to Hawaii put their anchors in deeper water. Small ferry boats give shuttle service to and from the port. The pier has Alii drive near it, which is famous for shops and restaurants. You can buy souvenirs and eat light food.

Off Board Transportation Facilities

Rental cars are easily available in both ports. The bus services give you activities and tour of the Big Island. Hilo Hattie has bus shuttle service free of cost. The buses giving shuttle service for Kailua pier runs every half an hour at charges of $2 one way. Taxis can also be found at the pier.


A local travel agent can be contacted to book the best deals on Hawaii cruises to suit your budget. Otherwise, you can cruise Hawaii packages online. Study the schedule and facilities on cruises to Hawaii and pick up the one which offers a good combination of price, accommodation, entertainment, and daily activities. You will be charged separately for dining, beverages, off shore traveling and port duties.