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Carnival Cruises

Out of all the cruise lines a person can elect to use for their vacation, perhaps none is more popular, or more well-known than Carnival. Carnival cruises are what you probably think of when you think “cruise”, and luckily for you, all it takes to have one is a quick call to your travel agent, or a spare minute to run a Google search for tickets.

Carnival's reputation is well-earned. Their vessels even have their own unique term: “Fun Ships”! When you book one of the many Carnival cruises it is possible to enjoy, you can pick from over sixty destinations, including itineraries in Europe, South America & the Panama Canal, and the Caribbean. Other routes include Alaska, the Mexican Riviera, and New England. Further, there is almost a continual stream of special offers & promotions available, most often for early bookings or groups. The Carnival Sea-Miles card is another avenue of stretching your dollar (and having a blast at the same time), because when you use it, you can earn free cruises, free rooms at plush resorts, or other perks. Think of it as frequent-flyer miles.... but on the ocean!

For the lovebirds out there, Carnival offers dream wedding packages, too! As befits your special day, you won’t have to lift a finger once you step on board your cruise ship. A wedding coordinator will handle everything. As far as size goes, you can choose a small, private affair, or a giant party with up to 100 people in attendance.

If your itinerary allows (and the great majority of the time, it will), you can also have a destination wedding, complete with photographer, cake & champagne, and all the other trappings of a dream wedding at sea. Popular destinations include Cozumel, the Caribbean, and Key West, though others are available as well.

Carnival’s commitment to your utter relaxation is profound - from the moment you step on board, to the moment you debark, you will have a ship-board concierge who will be at your beck & call whenever you might wish it. Beyond that, the cruise event planner makes sure you’ll never be bored, with a ridiculous selection of events to suit all tastes, handily outlined in the shipboard newspaper you get at the end of each day.

Carnival cruises really want you to know you’re there for fun.... and what’s more fun than shopping? With that in mind, all their “Fun Ships” have duty-free “Fun Shops”, where you can buy everything from luxury watches to more traditional souvenirs & mementos of your trip. This is in addition to the hefty discounts you’ll receive on goods at every port of call.

If all this doesn’t have you scouring Google for deals on Carnival cruises, maybe this will seal the deal: There’s a golf academy, multiple on-board swimming pools (ranging in extremity from “kiddie” to “This high-dive is so high I can’t even see the ship anymore!”), casinos, daycare centers, in case Mom & Dad want a bit of time to themselves, and even a galley tour to see where all your tasty food comes from! Obviously, a full compliment of medical options are available. Finally, if for some strange reason you’re unhappy with your trip, Carnival is the only cruiseline which will guarantee you a refund & a flight back to your embarkation point. So what are you waiting for? Those Carnival cruises sell out fast, so grab your tickets fast!